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  • Product Focus
  • AutoGate
  • Posted May 20, 2020

Genesis Menu Overview

The LED diagnostics display makes installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and user feedback a snap!

  • Product Focus
  • DoorKing
  • Posted May 18, 2020

Traffic Control Octagonal Lighted Signal Arm

The DoorKing octagonal lighted barrier arm is the newest add-on to it's popular 1601 Barrier Gate Operator. While lowered the aluminum arm is lit with red LEDs – sending a clear signal for drivers to stop. When raised the LEDs transition to green – easily alerting drivers when to pull forward.

  • Product Focus
  • HySecurity
  • Posted May 15, 2020

A Short Introduction into HySecurity WedgeSmart DC

The WedgeSmart DC anti-ram wedge with parking barrier arm operator excels at vehicle theft prevention, threat protection and access control applications requiring added security of a crash barrier.

  • Product Focus
  • Nice Group
  • Posted May 14, 2020

Connecting EMX IRB-RET to Nice 936US Control Board

The EMX IRB-RET photo eye can be used instead of, or in addition to the BlueBUS photo eyes, and installation is a snap!

  • Product Focus
  • DoorKing
  • Posted May 13, 2020

Remote Account Manager Software Programming Resident Elevator Settings

An elevator reference number must be assigned to each resident using the elevator control feature. This is set on the Resident Information Screen.

  • Product Bulletin
  • HySecurity
  • Posted May 7, 2020

New Firmware for SmartCNX

A new software version, H6.01, for the SmartCNX controller is now available.

This software corrects a problem where a correctly wired and operational 10k external entrapment sensor may prevent the gate from operating. This problem is uncommon and intermittent but could be exacerbated by temperature extremes.

Read the complete bulletin here.

  • Product Focus
  • HySecurity
  • Posted May 4, 2020

Smart Touch Controller Replacement

To change the Smart Touch Controller in a HySecurity gate operator you will need a laptop with internet access or a copy of the latest software, a serial download cable, a screwdriver, and to watch this short video.

  • Product Bulletin
  • LiftMaster
  • Posted May 1, 2020

New 2020 Parts Price Book Now Available

We now have available the newly released LiftMaster 2020 Parts Price Book. This dynamic resource is available as a PDF download and features interactive links for quick access to all serviceable parts. The book is fully updated to include new models and new pricing (with continued supported replacement parts for all your ordering needs). Please take this opportunity to contact us, 877-816-7304, for your copy to explore the enhancements for yourself.